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  • Placement Consultant in Ahmedabad
    JRsolution is a growing name in the placement sector of Gujarat. We operate from Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) and aim to become a preferred...
  • HR Consultant in Ahmedabad
    A notable name in the placement sector of Gujarat, JRsolution has been providing HR consultancy services to SMEs and large businesses in...
  • Manpower Recruitment in Ahmedabad
    Since inception in 2018, the company has been providing manpower recruitment services to the companies in Gujarat and across India. We work...
  • Career Consultant in Ahmedabad
    Get associated with us and get expert consultation to make wise decisions for a bright career. JRsolution is an Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)...
  • Visa & Passport Consultant in Ahmedabad
    Besides providing placement consultancy services, we are rendering reliable solutions for passport & visa requirements of the clients. At...

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  • Insurance
  • BPO
  • Banking / Finance
  • Engineering / Technical
  • Medical / Pharmaceuticals
  • Event Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • FMCG

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